Anglican Thought and Spirituality

The Rev’d Dr. David Rodier, Christ’s Anglican Church, Carefree, Arizona
Thursdays, 6-8 pm (Pacific Time)

This course will focus on persons and movements in four periods which were central to the development of Anglicanism:  (1) the Age of Bede — the conversion of England to Christianity, and some of the major saints who shaped the beginnings of Anglican tradition; (2) the Flowering of English Mysticism — 14th-century writers who practiced the religious life in an age of political and social turmoil (including Julian of Norwich, Richard Rolle, and Walter Hilton), whose teachings are still a major force in Anglican spirituality today; (3) the English Reformation (It didn’t begin with Henry VIII, and Elizabeth I didn’t settle anything!) — the scholars and their program of moderate reform which, in the midst of violent controversy, avoided both the destructiveness of radical Protestantism and  the radical innovations of a revitalized Roman Church; and (4) the Course of Anglicanism after the Reformation — the High Church writers of the 17th century, the Evangelical Movement of the 18th century, the Tractarians and Broad Churchmen of the 19th century, and the English missionaries and martyrs who spread Anglicanism to the ends of the earth.  Begins Sept. 8 and ends Dec. 15, 2011

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