Bulletin Announcements for Sunday, September 2, 2012


Join us for an exciting New Year with the St. Anne’s Guild ACW (Anglican Church Women). We meet on a Saturday, at 2pm at St. George’s Church and our first meeting is NEXT SATURDAY SEPT. 8, 2PM. All Anglican Church Women are invited and are part of our organization by virtue of attending St. George’s. In fact, we are part of 7 churches in four different states where our Anglican Church Women are striving to reach out and engage women to enrich our parish life promoting fellowship and fund-raising for ALL parish Members. Our ACW leadership work under the guidance of our Church Priest and Diocesan Bishop. We Are a Powerful Group in the Church and Actively keep things MOVING! If you are NOT on our ACW email  list, please contact one of our officers so we can keep you in the know, even if you are unable to make a meeting!  PRESIDENT: Jayme Rogers (Tel 499-6308) jaydee2042@yahoo.com;  VICE-PRESIDENT: Patty Earhart (Tel 646-5960) pearhart2@embarqmail.com; TREASURER: Lynn Davis (Tel 499-6308)  lynneeed@gmail.com; SECRETARY: Kathy Hoffman (Tel 472-6460) kathyhoffman99@hotmail.com . TEEN BIBLE STUDY MEETS IN FATHER HINES’ OFFICE TODAY VESTRY MEETS TODAY AT 12:30 PM.  INTERESTED IN AN ENTERTAINMENT COUPON BOOK? Through-out the year on such things as dinners at restaurants and various retail stores. In addition, a portion of the money you buy for the entertainment book goes to the church. Books sell for $30.00. For the first fifty books sold, the church receives 20% of sale price; over fifty books, 50% per book. Sale of books will last through Dec. 15th. Sign-up sheet for the books is available near the coffee hour set-up.

LEARN ABOUT OUR FAITH THROUGH NEW ONLINE COURSES BEGINNING SEPT 3RD! Our Province’s seminary, St. Joseph of Arimathea Anglican Theological College, will offer online lecture courses on weekday evenings for interested clergy and laity this fall.  As the seminary’s provost, the Most Rev. Robert Sherwood Morse, has often said, “our biggest enemy is ignorance.”  Any of these four courses promises to increase the depth of your knowledge in an important aspect of our faith and practice.  Each course meets once a week beginning the week of Sept 3rd and may be audited or taken for credit.  The courses are:  Philosophical Theology and Christology; Church History: From 1300 to the Present;  The Theology of the Old Testament;  A Brief Introduction to the Early Church Fathers.  For information, please see the flyer on the table at the back of the church. COFFEE HOUR SERVED ON THE PATIO  Today we resume serving coffee hour on the patio. At present, there are no new sign-ups for September through December. Please consider volunteering for this important part of the life of our parish ST GEORGE’S IS COLLECTING FOOD AND ITEMS FOR THE NEEDY We continue an ongoing food drive for the hungry.  In addition, the Sunday School collects items for the Homeless Teen Shelter. Please remember those who are needy and pick up a few items at the store for these worthy causes. HOMELESS TEEN SHELTER Donations include items that can be carried in a backpack such as: snack-size granola bars, cereal bars, Goldfish crackers, small tubes of toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, etc.  If you prefer to donate financially, the Sunday School will do the shopping for you.  Items are being collected in a box in the Sunday School Rooms.  FOOD FOR THE HUNGRY Please pick up an extra can of nourishing food (especially peanut butter) when grocery shopping and place it in the wagon in the back hall.  Your donations help the homeless and those who hava lost their jobs due to this economic downturn. JAZZY POWER CHAIR AVAILABLEA friend of Tom Covert has a power chair available for someone who needs one, and cannot get Medicare or insurance to cover it. A photograph of the chair is posted on the bulletin board in the back hall. If you are interested,please contact Tom Covert through the Church office..


Monday, September 3 Online Lecture Courses begin
Saturday, September 8 ACW Meeting, 2:00 pm at the church
Saturday, October 6 Blessing of the Animals
Saturday, October 20 Annual Parish Picnic, Lone Mountain Park


Wednesday, September 5 Evening Prayer: 5:45 pm, Mass 6:00pm
  Choir Practice 7:00—8:15 pm
Sunday, September 9 Mass at 8:00 am and 10:30 am
  Sunday School, with Nursery at 10:30 service
  Father Hines’ Enquirers Class, 9:25-10:10 am and Acolyte Practice, 9:10-9:50 am Acolyte Practice, 9:10 – 9:50 am

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