Church History, from the Apostles to 1300

The Rev’d Jeffrey Smith, St Luke’s Anglican Church, Redding, California
Tuesdays, 6-8 pm (Pacific Time)

This course will cover the first half of the Church’s story, giving special emphasis to the following: 

(1) the spread of the Gospel from the mother church in Jerusalem to the rest of the Roman Empire and beyond,    (2) the development of the Church’s institutional authority following the Apostles’ deaths, (3) the transition from being an underground, persecuted society to becoming the official religion of the Empire, (4) the origin, development, and impact of Christian monasticism, and (5) the relationship between the papacy and the new political order that emerged in western Europe following the withdrawal of the Empire.  The course will go lightly on the development of doctrine, as that will be covered in Patristics.  Begins Sept. 6 and ends Dec. 13, 2011

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