Eastertide 2009

Dear Friends in Christ,

Archbishop james E. ProvenceOn Sunday, April 26, we welcome Archbishop James E. Provence as we honor our patron saint, St. George. This is the Archbishop’s first visit to St. George’s Parish and we hope everyone will attend. An interview with the Archbishop will appear in the Saturday, April 25th edition of the Las Vegas Review Journal.

We are particularly honored that Archbishop Provence will make his first visitation to Las Vegas on our patronal festival. He follows in a long line of presiding bishops. Some writers trace the office of “Bishop of the Bishops” back to Sts. Timothy and Titus, the followers of St. Paul. Other scholars prefer to point to specific wording regarding the Council of Nicaea in 325. Either way, the office of Archbishop speaks to the orderly spread of the Christian faith, and the fact that Archbishop Provence will include a visitation to Holy Trinity Mission exemplifies the continuation of that process of orderly spread.

Role models are greatly needed today, and St. George, patron saint of England, provides an inspiring example. He was a devout Christian who gave his life for the Faith. Few specifics are known about his life beyond the fact that he was martyred for his faith around the year 303 A.D. He is purported to have been a Roman soldier who, following his conversion to Christianity, tried to bring his fellow soldiers to Christ. He was such an inspiring figure that armies of several countries chose him as their patron saint. He remains one of the few saints both popular in the Eastern and Western Churches.

His mystique has been enhanced by early church legends which clustered around him. The most famous of these depicted St. George mounted on a horse, running a spear through the dragon’s mouth. Other versions have St. George killing the evil dragon with a sword. Remember, these pictorial representations of our blessed Lord’s victory over evil came into being in the early centuries of the Church, when reading and writing were skills preserved almost exclusively in monasteries. Laity and most secular clergy could neither read nor write; thus, the faith was preserved and taught through legends and pictures.

Please note that there is only one service at 10:30 am. There will be no 8:00 am service.

We hope everyone will join us as we look forward to enjoying this celebration with a Warrior’s barbecue luncheon of hearty food prepared by St. Anne’s Guild. Cakes baked by the men of St. George’s will be auctioned off after lunch. Ticket prices are $10.00 per person for adults and teens. Children under 12 years of age are free.

Faithfully yours,

The Reverend Gordon W. Hines, Rector

P.S.: During the closing hymn, Archbishop Provence will give his blessing to those in attendance as he recesses down the aisle. It is our Church’s tradition to make a sign of the cross and to genuflect when he gives his blessing. If you are unable to genuflect just bow.  The Archbishop will be joining us after Mass for the St. George’s Day festivities. When addressing him, he prefers that you use the term, “Archbishop” or “Bishop.”

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