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St Joseph of Arimathea’s Online Courses for Winter/Spring, 2014

Our Province’s seminary, St Joseph of Arimathea, will again offer online lecture courses on weekday evenings for interested clergy and laity.  The three courses offered in the winter/spring term encompass, as usual, a broad range of topics.  The online program has been restructured so that there will be one course designed especially for postulants and deacons, another for the continuing education of clergy, and a third one for a general audience.  The course descriptions tell you which is which — but, of course, anyone is free to take any or all classes.   Each class may be viewed at the time of broadcast or later in recorded form, and on either a computer screen or a mobile device.  The fee for The History and Use of The Book of Common Prayer, a 15-week course with written assignments, is $250.  The other two courses, for auditors, we offer at the ridiculously low price of $50.  Please email Fr. Smith at the address below to sign up and make arrangements for paying.

The Theology of  the Seven Ecumenical Councils 

The Rev’d Jeffrey Smith, St Luke’s Anglican Church, Redding, California           Tuesdays, 6-7 pm (Pacific Time)

This one-hour-a-week course will help you to understand the doctrine that the Anglican Province of Christ the King and its sister Anglican churches committed themselves to uphold in The Congress of St. Louis (1977).  Chiefly, it will trace the development of orthodox Christology, and the disputes over Scripture surrounding it, from the First Council during Constantine’s reign in the fourth century to the Seventh Council nearly a half-millennium later.  This subject provides the best opportunity to examine how the doctrines of the Trinity and Incarnation that most Christians share today developed over time in the heat of controversy.  The course is designed for a general audience, and should appeal to clergy and laity alike.  There are no written assignments, and the fee is $50.  Begins January 28 and ends April 8.

A Study of Genesis

     The Rev’d Michael Mautner, St Peter’s Anglican Church, Oakland, California       Wednesdays, 6-7 pm (Pacific Time)

This high-level Bible study is designed mainly for the continuing education of clergy, yet will also be of interest to laity with some familiarity with the Old Testament.  A solid grasp of Genesis, the book of beginnings, is essential for understanding the rest of the Biblical story.  It introduces all the main themes:  God as sovereign over his creation and yet intimate with it, human rebellion, Divine redemption of mankind through the election of Israel, the Abrahamic Covenant and patriarchal foundation of the chosen people, and Divine Providence.  Let Father Mautner, a Messianic Jew who is now an Anglican priest, help you see those and other themes in the narrative.  There are no written assignments, and the fee is $50.  Begins January 29 and ends May 14.

The History and Use of The Book of Common Prayer

  The Rev’d Canon Blair Schultz, All Saints Anglican Church, Bollingbroke, Illinois     Thursdays, 8-9 pm (Central Time)

This course is designed for postulants and clergy who have not had a formal course in the Prayer Book, yet will also be of interest to laity who seek a more in-depth knowledge of traditional Anglican worship and use of the Sacraments.  One can have that knowledge only by looking at their development from Archbishop Cranmer’s first edition in 1549 to the1928 American edition that the congregations of the Province of Christ the King now use.  The course will note the differences between the English and American Prayer Books, and also include practical instruction on how best to conduct the various services and pastoral offices.  This 15-week course has written assignments, and the fee is $250.  Begins January 30 and ends May 15.        

Sign up and receive your instructions for tuning in from Fr. Smith by sending an e-mail to: