Starts: September 29, 2013 at 8:00 AM
Ends: September 29, 2013 at 1:00 PM

As Christians, we recognize God as the source of all creation, therefore the giver of all that we possess:  “All things come of Thee O Lord…” (I Chron. 29:14.  Our possessions are material things, but what we do with them is a spiritual matter.  The regular support of the ministry, through our weekly donations at Church, becomes a disciplined way of acknowledging who God is and what is His.  Practiced in the right way, our giving becomes a real way to thank God for the abundance of His blessings.  When considering your pledge, consider a few of St. George’s monthly expenses:  Mortgage:  $1500.00; Telephone:  approximately $275.00;  Utilities:  $650.00;  Repairs & Maintenance:  $1250.00;  Insurance (Health, Property, Liability, Workers’ Comp.): $750.00;  Diocesan tithe:  approximately $1225.00;  Office Expenses: $300.00.  Please pray for the Stewardship of our Parish.  Pray for our Vestry.  Pray for your priest.  And finally pray to God to give you a clear sense of direction in your own offering to Him through St. George’s. – See more at:


Giving of yourself

St. George’s Anglican Church truly has a blessed parish. Sherina and I have seen and felt from the very first day we attended mass, how all the parishioners are personally interested in you and each other as a family, a friend, or brother in Christ. I have seen firsthand how parishioners will take time from their busy lives and give of themselves both financially and personally, by checking in on another parishioner or lend a helping hand to move furniture, drop off food, fix fences, and care for pets or each other.

St. George’s continued success in the loving body of Christ is dependent upon the charity, fellowship and love which flow from each and every one of us. For instance, leaky faucets don’t get fixed without devoted time, equipment or financial resources. As a Church, and a community we are always in need of devoted time and most especially financial commitment.

As Jr. Warden, I’m asking each and every one of our parishioners to look deep within your heart, with prayer and thanksgiving to Christ, as you contemplate your pledge and devotion for next year. As we prepare our budget for 2014, it is of great importance to the continued success of the St. George’s Anglican Church that we receive your pledge cards with your generous donations as soon as possible.

Both Sherina and I want to say how blessed and loved we feel to be part of St. George’s family, thank you for making this our home.

Vincent Mills, Jr. Warden