Saint Nicholas of Myra, December 6

St, NicholasSt. Nicholas could well be the most popular saint.  He is a patron and benefactor of children–gift-giver at Christmas and through history credited with many miracles.

In a sermon St. Bonaventure told about Nicholas travelling to the Council at Nicea when he entered an inn where the innkeeper had just killed 2 boys who could not pay their bill.  Nicholas brought the boys back to life and converted the innkeeper.

Another famous story tells how Nicholas was aware of a desperately poor father of 3 daughters who was about the put them out on the street.  Three times Nicholas threw a purse filled with gold through an open window to provide dowry money for each girl to get married.  The third time, the father waited, hiding, to see who was helping him.  When he recognized Nicholas, he fell at his feet, penitent.  From then on he spread the word of Nicholas’ goodness.

Born in Lycia, Nicholas ruled a large monastery, was imprisoned for a time for his faith, and was Archbishop of Myra at his death.


Source:  Lives of the Saints by Omer Englebert

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