St. Michael and All The Angels

SEPTEMBER 29        St Michael


 Commonly known as Michaelmas Day


Revelation 12:7 describes a war in heaven between Michael and his angels and Satan.  Satan, known as the devil, was thrown to the earth.  In apocryphal literature in Palestine and among Jews of the Diaspora, Michael the archangel was a special protector of Israel.  90 AD literature portrays Michael as an interceder for the human race and for recording the deeds of men in the heavenly books.


Gabriel, Raphael and Michael are the three archangels mentioned by name in Scripture, but the prayers of the mass thank God for all good angels as they minister to us and aid us in worshipping and praising God.  We may appeal to them for help.


Early on, Constantinople had many temples where Michael was worshipped.  This festival for him has been kept since the 6th century.  The most famous remaining site in honor of Michael is Mont St. Michel—a medieval castle nearly offshore between Normandy and Brittany in France.  This was begun in 1071 as a Benedictine monastery, built on top of an early church for Michael built in 709.

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