The Liturgy of Holy Communion From The Book of Common Prayer

The Liturgy of Holy Communion from The Book of Common Prayer by Fr. Yates Greer

And now, O Father, mindful of the love
That bought us, once for all, on Calvary’s tree,
And having with us him that pleads above,
We here present, we here spread forth to thee,
That only off’ring perfect in thine eyes,
The one true, pure, immortal sacrifice.

(The Hymnal 1940 #189)


Good liturgical action is characterized by a sense of restraint, style; it exists to express the common needs of the family. The intensity possible in expressing individual worship is out of place in corporate worship. Each of the individuals involved in the Mass must sacrifice something of his own will, feeling, and preference; each must submit to the corporate movement of priest, attendants, and people. Liturgical worship, in its carefully crafted words (crafted over centuries,) its action, and its music shares much with a work of art.

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