Why Settle For Less?

Fr. Gordon Hines, Rector, St. George's Anglican Church

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Why Settle for Less?


  1. Cathy Butero (daughter of church membert Hank Graves, who passed 6/23/12)

    Tue 26th Jun 2012 at 11:34 AM

    My father and mother are members of St. George’s Church in Las Vegas. My dad loved his church. It was the joy of his life to go to church, join in prayer, and be embraced by the church family. He spoke often of Fr. Hines and other members. His last time at church, before he died, was Father’s Day. He was so excited to go to church that day, and when I called from California, a full hour before time to leave, he told me he was already “showered, shaved, and slicked to go.”
    I listened in awe to the pastoral insights for that Sunday, June 17, titled, “Why Settle for Less?” Fr Hines spoke of the “gift of love, and God is love,” and the monk who said, “There’s no proof for eternal life, but if you love, you’ll understand.” i know your message resonated for my dad, because he lived his life with love and good deed. Your words give me strength, knowing my dad can surely embrace eternal life, with His grace and understanding.
    Thank you, Cathy Butero

    • Fr. Hines

      Tue 26th Jun 2012 at 4:49 PM

      Dear Cathy,

      Your very thoughtful words, I feel, are right on mark concerning your father. He was a remarkeable man who never complained and had such a kindly and loving disposition. He will be greatly missed by his church family. This is a tremendous loss for us, as I know it is for you and your family. Fr. Hines+


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